Monday, February 18, 2013


How many times do we make the same oh same oh tuna, mayo, pickles etc. sandwich? I came across a sandwich on pinterest & thought humm that’s the same as a tuna salad sandwich  it’s just not all mixed up lol! so I set out to give it a try


I packed it  a little too much lol!hubby asked how to eat it & I explained if you turn it up on it’s end & eat it like a taco I think we can make it lol! it’s just a simple layer of

mayo,  shredded lettuce,  sliced tomatoes',white tuna,black sliced olives & sliced boiled eggs, this was  a refreshing new twist to the same oh same oh tuna salad & will definitely be made again

the original link        calls for marinating red onions in olive oil & red wine vinegar, I didn’t have any of those so I opted out, maybe next time as I’m sure it will give  a totally different taste so what do you think, did I come close to the picture? lol?


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