Tuesday, February 5, 2013



How sweet is it to be able to grab a plate, fill a glass..at a moments notice when needed? there’s all kinds of dish buffet ideas floating around cypher space, the kitchen is getting  a new look around the room, we spent the entire day taking everything off counters etc & redoing, taking out, pulling in, tweaking till we dropped lol!

there are actually 3 bowls on top of the microwave, I bought these for a steal a few years ago & decided they make me happy to look at so where can I put them, microwave! perfect! which you’ll see in another post

the little deer plates I purchased at Wal-Mart back before Christmas, so I pulled them out to play with my dish buffet, so it’ll change next post

see the little bird peeking out? she’s actually a tea light holder, I have a silk little pot on top of where the candle goes, to the left of the microwave I have  a coffee/tea/hot choc. bar going

today I will work on more pictures, & work more in the sewing room which will be turned into a Den if it doesn’t shape up by the weekend lol!

all this tweaking sure makes a body tired!


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Maurine Huffines said...

Stop it !!
Your tweaking makes me more tired than all my doll sewing... slow down right now... and I mean it !!

your friend,