Monday, February 11, 2013



While working on my scrappy trip around the world blocks I noticed how the coordinating blocks flow  going toward the right


then I noticed if you turn the strips around they flow going towards the left,DSCN1799

oh I hope this project’s not going to cause me insanity of decision lol!

so, left or right? does it matter? does left or right effect the look of the diamond shape you get or should get when they’re sewn together?

does quilting drive you just a little over the edge at times? lol! oh well I shall ponder these thoughts while I go back to working on aprons lol!


Barb said...

I am already nuts just thinking about it. Not a quilter but so admire those that can do it!
Good luck...I am sure it will turn out fabulous!
Enjoy your day,

tllollar said...

I like it going from left to right.

Lisa H. said...

I agree. I like it left to right also. I'm a quilter too. Your blog is beautiful.