Thursday, February 14, 2013


I’ve been tweaking & redoing the kitchen all week, there was one small counter space by the stove that just wasn’t cooperating, no matter what I did I didn’t like it, then waa laaa! it just needed a touch of red lol! the jar lids are antique coffee lids  sitting on top of a regular lid, I love to have beans on hand, when all else fails, beans & cornbread right?


humm a white stove  can be sooo,  well ,white lol! but there’s red for it to, now mind you he knows not to touch these that they are just for looking lol!


my little dish buffet needed something, Red Rooster to the rescue, a Happy Birthday gift to myself from the Cracker Barrel lol!


Big Red is happy to be  a part of the kitchen decor but he’s keeping his eye on another new comer (a gift from sister)


the table got  a new look too but it’s time to make cookies now lol!

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nancy huggins said...

Love all the red items in your kitchen. I went all the way and Billy painted all the walls in the kitchen Barn Red and will do it again when we move to our forever home in the next few months :)