Tuesday, March 12, 2013



It seems that freezer meals is all the rage on Pinterest  right now, last week I had mentioned that was going to be my next project, so here’s the rundown on what I did, above is sloppy Joes, we haven’t tried them yet, but sure smelt good when I was mixing it together lol!


Paula Deens White Bean Chili with Chicken, I know this is good because my daughter’s made it for us before


Baked Chicken Fajitas, this was good but I think I like them better grilled


Chicken Teriyaki, this was disappointing, the carrots took away form whatever it was supposed to taste like, I almost threw it out & went for burgers lol! I will not make this again!


 good ole eggs , bacon & cheese is fool proof for breakfast burritos, hubby grabs one out of the freezer on his way out the door when he’s on midnights, I will most defiantly be playing around with more breakfast ideas


pepper Steak, I don’t even wantta talk about it, even adding all the seasonings the recipe called for & good ole salt & pepper it still tasted flat, I will not be making this again!


my recipe for Broccoli casserole, I’ve made this for years & it’s good, so I thought I’d make some up for Sunday dinners or whenever, it was a keeper from the start


my sisters meatloaf recipe, I’ve made this through the years & for when I’ve took someone a meal, it has the ole thyme catsup topping & makes the house  smell delicious while baking, things have came up & I was able to bless two families with the meatloaf & the casserole, this is what makes freezer meals a good idea


can you say cornbread? a sweet friend  from church made me cornbread for sharing a few meals with her, they are made with buttermilk & I dare say  way better than Cracker Barrel! to pop some in the microwave , oh my word!

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