Thursday, March 14, 2013



Hancock's has been having fantastic sales  5 for $5 these last few weeks, it was McCall's this past week




this fabric  was on the sale table & started calling my name lol!challenge11

the picture doesn’t give it justice, as it’s a deep green than it looks, I thought it’ll look good for a Jacket & a skirt & blouse from the print, well according the patterns I needed around 5  yds, I ‘m not even 5yd’s tall lol! the saleslady says well there's only a little over 3 butttttt it’s 67” wide hummm, I smiled & said  well as short as I am I believe I can make that work , I’ll take all of it lol!this outfit is going to be interesting! lol!

I also went to the Library to see about some books for the reading challenges I’ve signed up forchallenge12

I thought I’d better snag these since I’m going to have to re-teach myself on  a few things


now let’s talk about this blouse challenge I’ve gotten myself into lol!when I came across it, I thought humm  this might be fun, I “need” to familiarize myself with the buttonhole feature lol!I just wanted to have some fun trying to make a blouse after all these years, once I entered into their world I realized me & totto wasn’t in Kansas anymore and there was no turning back lol!you have to do this & do that & better not do that or this away, there’s rules about this & that lol! pictures must be on yourself, oh my! what if it wont fit, what if,,,of I can’t think about it lol!then I see Review! humm will it be  my shirt is white my shirt is tight,baaa haa haa this for sure is going to be a hoot as I have fell outta of my comfort box faster than expected lol!

Fitted Blouse 2013


Createology said...

I love a good deal and your patterns and fabric are wonderful. It is good to challenge ourselves out of our comfort zones. Please post your outfit when it is progressing. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Nanna - well, you've got yourself into this spot...! wait until April starts. Actually, I found the rules a bit daunting - I didn't read them until after I started. I don't like hypercompetitiveness either - I entered just to get myself doing something. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work out.

Natalea Scott said...

Hi Nanna- you can do it. I absolutely love that green fabric and the patterns. Hopefully the sale is still going on. I'll have to swing by and get some.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nanna! I'm so proud you.... I love your pattern choices. The print you found is fantastic. I love it and can't wait to see what you do with them. Blessings, Vita

Maurine Huffines said...

oh Nana:
I'm so proud of you.. but you always were one to leap without looking...LOL
But I know you can do it.. but what about your " blouse thingy"?
and your sewing room make-oveer..
you sure you don't have too many irons in the fire ???
ooh well if all fails, just call Maurine... i'll get my wheelchair rollin... and be there .... sometime !!
Love ya'