Thursday, March 21, 2013


Fitted Blouse 2013

well the time has come, it has to be washed & has to be cut , cut? yikes! mercy the things  I can find to get into lol!, so I signed up to sew my own wardrobe for a year   humm I think I can swing that, I’ve been wanting to get back into sewing , then I find the top challenge   wellll as long as I’m sewing for the other, right? but then there was the fitted blouse challenge , I see rules, guidelines, deadlines lol!, set in sleeves, I’m no dummy I know what that is lol , collar, I get that, princes seams.I know what they are,  just never done them


so I open the pattern & begin to investigate, humm measure your top bust, then your bottom bust, now I just had to laugh , mind you I haven't bought clothing patterns in over 25 years lol, I know well kinda know what this means but you have to admit when that’s the first thing you read it’s kinda funny as I know through the years I probably could say I have  2 chins, 2 tummies but 2 bust,? would somebody help me find the 2nd one, perhaps I can combine it with the other one & actually have one lol! so after I had my laughing fit I begin to investigate princess seams, they all seem to think you clip, humm I know this method, I’ve done it lol! but after all these  years clip sounds like a scary word, you can unstitch but you can’t unclip lol! as I hold my buttonhole thiny in my hand I have no idea what to do with it lol!


Maurine Huffines said...

Oh Helen:
If I didn't hurt so bad, I'd have a laughing jag... You are beyond funny... all those terms are familiar but I have to admit the top and bottom thingy kinda gave me pause to think... Well i never had much of one and definetyl not a two.. Oh, can't wait for the nest pattern.. Ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

LOL, are a riot! I love it. Okay, so I hope I can help.
High bust measurement is to measure with the tape under your armpit across your chest.

Bust measurement is to measure with tape across the chest (across the nipple--if I can say that). Patterns sizes are based on the High Bust measurement. However, the measurement on the bust point mark on the "actual' pattern piece is based on the bust measurement.

Here is an example with pics:

Hope this helps.... Even if it doesn't, you keep writing. We need the laughs you inspire--it's good medicine, Vita

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Nanna, now everyone's stopped laughing (and if you find a spare bust mentioned on one of these patterns, send it my way! ), I'll wish you lots of luck. I'll be you are one of those people that hates deadlines, start sort of somewhere around it, and pull off the job just before it. Don't worry about clipping seams, if you go through the seam, just make a second one behind it - don't forget to lockstitch/backstitch. Remove first seam - just don't clip too far, but for small errors, this works (I should know, I've made these sorts of mistakes).

Linda in Calif. said...

Nana, I so enjoyed this post. I've never heard of a "second bust". Here all these years I've been happy with the "one" I have. I haven't heard of princess seams either, and I sewed all my clothes for over 3 years. So I guess there's a lot I don't know. :-)