Wednesday, August 21, 2013


sewing printable vintage image--graphicsfairy2c

Hancock's has patterns of sale for 99c again, I thought this would be a cute one to practice for my cape challenge, humm there’s sleeves so do we call it a cape coat? yea, yea I know there’s no such word lol oh well it’ll be cute to run here & there on those chilly mornings


I draped it over my dress form to see how it’d fall & just kinds curled the edges over to see how it”d look, as you can see on the pattern there’s a band edging


the pattern calls for pockets ughh I haven’t done pockets in years, do I let this intimidate me & not do them? lol! will it look like a big ole blanket? should I make the band black or pink?

Hancock's has a beautiful winter white mink like fur that would be beautiful for my retro pattern, we shall see!


according the the dictionary a cape is a sleeves garment fastened at the throat and worn hanging over the shoulders humm do I need to go look at patterns again? they are only 99c after all lol!

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