Monday, February 3, 2014


where does the time go, do you ever feel like you’re too busy to be busy ? if I had more clocks would I have more time? lol!


do you know how long it takes to add tabs to the top of your blog & add pictures etc.? and do you further know how long it takes to do that to four blogs? well I can tell ya! it takes more than a day lol! anyways that’s what I’ve ben doing the better part of the day, what? you can’t see them? well that’s because they’re hidden till I’m done lol!

my youngest daughter & grand daughter are going on a Mission trip with friends of ours who have been going to Bustamante Mexico for over 25 years,


Alex & Ruby In Bustamante ruby

Heather & Courtney will spend the night  with us Wed.& I will take them to meet up with Alex & Ruby Thur. morning, then  I have to go to her house to watch the little ones for a week, get them off to school every morning, & fun wild times with Nanna as Madison told me lol!  I will be there on my birthday so guess I could throw myself a party  ha ha! there’s a few post to catch up on in the next few days



maybe I’ll take some fabric & get a few projects for Feb. cut out


remember the dress, I felt was a wee bit short for my taste plus there’s was something about it I couldn’t quite put my finger on?


are you ready for this? I pulled the pattern out & seen that I had cut out the back a size smaller ba ha ha ha!so a friend of mine redid the back pattern & added a few inches to the length, so a good rainy day project will be to see if it can be turned into a blouse,  so  maybe I’ll give it another  shot!



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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Have fun with those grandkids...and don't spoil them too much..hahahaha
Maybe you will get some cutting out or a little sewing while your away..
I agree..blogging is so time consuming.. Your blog is so pretty.. I am computer no pretty things going on in my corner.ha
Have a great week.. and Happy Birthday Early..