Saturday, March 15, 2014



Do you love aprons? I dare say for years I’ve been drooling over the apron blogy magazine every time I went to the book store, flipping through the pages  awing at all the pretty aprons, then snap back into reality when the price came into clear range of all my drooling lol! then it happened! last night  we were in Barns_N-Nobel's & there I was ,flipping through the pages , putting it back, go back, flip through the pages, put it back, then he said if you want it  get it!  my heart stopped for just a few seconds  then I smile & say this isn’t a five dollar magazine & slowly turned it over exposing the price, once again I hear it  if you want it get it! was I dreaming? I didn’t stand  there long enough to find out as I hurried to the cash register lol!

oh course  my eyes  are like radar they always seem to zero in on the red right off!


I’ve already pondered the thought  as to what will happen when the e next issue  comes out & here’s the logic lol! when you compare the price of one retail apron pattern where you may get 3-4 styles, yea yea I know you can catch patterns on sale but work with me here people lol! anyways the price of one retail pattern to nearly 150 pages of beautiful aprons with detailed pictures & step by step how to make them, welll you do the math!


jenann said...

There's definitely something about a 'pinny!' We had to make one in plain white with a gingham band in our school house colour across the top during our first few weeks of high school at age 11. I'm 60 now and, as well as for twice weekly cookery classes for the 7 years of high school, I have worn it regularly ever since - amazing quality fabric to have been washed 1000s of times and still come out crisp and fresh. None of the bought ones I've had have lasted more than a year or two.
I look at vintage, hand made ones on Ebay and the US made ones are definitely the best designs, very decorative beside our plain, utilitarian British ones!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Oh what a sweet hubby.. I am SO happy , he was there, and saw your REALLY wanting this magazine.. and encouraged you to get it.. If your like me, you will get so much fun out of just looking at it..
Can't wait to see, what you will make with it. Have fun and Happy sewing