Wednesday, April 16, 2014



lol! how many times have we heard ourselves say that? Have we really ever had nothing to do? I know I haven’t, seems like most times sitting down to lunch & watching TV or a movie is considered a break lol!  12205453431749550671AJ_simple_television_svg_med

soooo when I have nothing else to do I plan on working at dragging out my patterns & altering them down or up lol! to fit so they’ll be ready when I want to make something, not all at once mind you lol! I always have to massacre my patterns cause I’m short lol!

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when I have nothing else to do I am going to work on my quits


when I have nothing else to do I am going to give our closets a  good purging & a new look, a closet for him & a closet for me


when I have nothing else to do I’m going to get all my older recipes that my mother-n-law, my Aunt, mom etc has hand written along with pic’s & make a recipe scrap book


one day when I have nothing else  to do I’m going to try my hand at fabric dyeing


one day when I have nothing else to do I’m going to read, I love love to read & I miss it, really reading & absorbing what I'm reading not just skimming through but downright  curled up with a good book & read lol!


one day when I have nothing else to do I’m going to get a head start on my doll making for my two day Christmas show, Nov. seems so far away but it’ll be here before I can say I’m too busy !


so between, summer coming around the corner, spending  as much time as possible at ball parks, the zoo,cookouts, birthday parties,picking out siding & porch designs  for the house & so much more, yes there will be lots to do come Summer & much that wll be needed to be done, have to be done ,all my grand babies are an hour away so the grass may go uncut some weekends, the laundry may be put on hold cause how can you say no to these sweet little faces! besides  if they all spend the night they can cut the grass & do the laundry while me & the little ones are baking cookies right? lol!


what’s your plans for when you have nothing else to do?

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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Love,love this post!!!
Yes,One of these days, when I have nothing to do [when will that day ever come? ha], I have so many things I can do...