Friday, April 18, 2014



I have a few words for her! I’m done! lol!


Lordy Lordy I thought I’d never get this pattern figured out!  will I ever make  this pattern again? well the juries still out on that one !lol! will I wear it? probably not, it's a little short for my liking, I always jump the gun at cutting my patterns off at the bottom lol!

it looks so much  better on Clarice!


even her backside looks good! lol!


 the wrap section is sewn into the seam,


even though I’m pretty sure I wont wear it, I do however like how both sides are sewn up, giving it the illusion of  wrap dress so there’ll be no surprises, there’s  a saying….never say never! sooooo with that thought in mind “if “ I will tweak it into a fuller maxi style, don’t wait too long to see that cause I’m moving on to my next learning session



this dress was part of  The Miss Bossy Challenge hosted by the Monthly Stich, the rules were to pick three patterns you’ve never made before & post them on your blog along with setting up a voting poll, at the end of the month the pattern with the most votes was to be the winner for the challenge & this pattern won by a mud slide


perhaps my other two choices may have been too easy peasy &wouldn’t of been much of challenge nor a learning experience, they both tied at 13 votes each & with Miss Bossy gone lol! I’m ready for some easy sewing lol!



I will always love challenging myself with my sewing I’m not sure what I’ll try my hand at next, maybe buttonholes, just the thought makes me shutter lol!


Maurine Huffines said...

I love the dress !!
Why dont you think you'll Wear it.
I' m Sayin'' " put it on and go for the Looks ""

Love the fabric. What is it ??

You have Reals branched out !!

Lobe ya'

Nanna said...

love you Maurine! the fabric is kind of a strechy knit, didn't like how it kept rolling, I think it would of been better suited for a Maxi skirt lol! oh well we live & learn!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Nana, It looks beautiful.. Maybe it will grow on you.. and you will start loving it..If you said, It was fun sewing.. and you can move on to the next fun garment.. Happy sewing.

Sassy T said...

Wear the dress. If you don' t want to wear it out, wear it in the house when your having a lazy day, you might grow to love it