Friday, August 1, 2014



you know how it is when you settle in  for the morning with your coffee,scanning  through your favorite blogs, finding new blogs, you know  coffee & blog land awww moments lol! I came across this scrappy block challenge, not sure I’ll join  up but I do like this first block they’ve introduced over at

block layout

be sure to pop over & see how Nancy has made it in black & white prints, beautiful! this block  would be beautiful in reds as well, I did a red/white swap a while back & am looking for the perfect block to do them up in, could this be it?

hummm something to ponder over my morning  coffee


I found this delicious blueberry muffin recipe on line yesterday as well as blueberry jam as I’m up to my eyeballs in blueberries again lol! I will be making more today along with other things , what I don’t know yet so I’ll sip  more coffee & search blog land a wee bit more!.

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peaches mcginty said...

Hi Nanna! it's great to meet you and thank you for stopping by! of course you can join the share-in style, you would be most welcome, it is a wonderful community where every 2 weeks we dress/accessorise to the theme, this one is floral - you can be as creative as you wish! feel free to join in, we would be thrilled if you do - ps I love your blog, I have followed immediately!