Thursday, August 7, 2014


now we all know  what detox means, but when I came across a post by  Lauren of Rosie Wednesday where she talked about how she was in much need for some detox sewing, I thought, what??? okkkkk looks like maybe you whip something up to make you feel good when you’re in a sewing/creative slump

I love Lauren’s blog she always makes me laugh & she always knows what she’s talking about! with that being said I decided to Google detox sewing, don’t laugh! it’s out thee lol!

upon my search I found  detox sewing enables you to get a buzz of having new cloths without the price, toss out things that no longer fit,fix things you already have, refashion, turning something not something new, pair clothing to make several outfits

sewing detox, who knew? lol! I actually have  two skirts that I’ve been thinking about refashioning into  something else , along with a few mishaps in the sewing room like when I sewed a dress, ohhhh it was pretty , couldn’t wait to wear it but it has a 14 back & a 16 front ha ha! I want to play around with dying my own fabrics  the natural way, good ole Pinterest! lol!

How To: Make Your Own Natural Dyes - Modern Farmer

so are you ready for some detox sewing? is there a favorite pattern you whip up right quick to get yourself out of the sewing slump, does mishaps bring despair or something creative? could detox sewing be the cure for those fabric pains, you know when you just gotta go by & touch it, smell it bring it home with you to add to that non ending stash, I can hear fabric screaming my name right his very minute! lol! so come on & lets go into the sewing room, have a look a round & see what happens!

in my defense in advance….. Hancock's is just less than 10 min from me…I’m just saying! lol!

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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Detox sewing... nope, I didn't know what it was.ha.. but, I do detox sewing too..
And I would love Hancocks to be so close to me---eeth , now that I think about it, it's best ,that it is an hour away.ha
Happy sewing or detox sewing.