Monday, August 25, 2014



Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Read free on

when I had came across the Jane Austen read  along, telling myself  ohhh I’ve got to get to the library, then  there’s getting busy with one thing & another then there’s going out of down then I began to wonder, do you ever wonder? lol! well I wondered are there free online books out there, I know there’s kindles but I don’t have one  don’t’ want one as I like my books but this was a reading emergency lol! & lo & behold  I came across this site

just look to the right & click switch on smart reader & all the chapters  comes up, you an read as much or as little at time as you want, so I put the link in my favorites  so’s not to lose it, I’m still planning to go to the Library as I’d like to find the books Sherry posted on her blog which can be found & purchased on


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don’t they sound delicious! I’ll be on the look out for these two for sure to add to my on growing Library, did I mention I love books! lol! & yes I read them all & sometimes more than once but for now this site to read my book online will be just fine for the challenge is coming to an end so I’ve got to get on with my reading!

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ohhh I wonder if those two books on in here ahhhhh hummm I shall ponder that later lol! happy reading to all who are doing the Austen in August read along


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

I didn't know either... thanks for sharing.

The Charm of Home said...

The garden, tea, and cookbook all sorta cross reference each other because the knowledge you build from reading one takes you right into the other. I read the tea first then the garden and the cookbook last. I think the garden one has the most info and then when you read the other two and it discusses the estates and locations she lived at you know exactly what they are talking about. Great books all three of them! I bought the garden book. Thanks for posting and I hope you enjoy them when you read them!