Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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Austen in August: Sign-Up Post (#AustenInAugustLGR) | Lost Generation Reader#comment-4010#comment-4010#comment-4010#comment-4010#comment-4010#comment-4010

do you love to read Jane Austen or watch her movies? I came across  Lost Generation Reader’s blog & there is an Austen In August read along going on, it’s not to late to get in on it if you like reading Jane Austen

I came across this through Sherry’s blog who has a fantastic post on  some Jane Austen reads that will make you wantta read even if you’ve never read or heard of Jane Austen , go ahead, check it out!

I have a few Jane Austen movies but theses books Sherry has posted  makes me want to run to the Library!, how about you? do you like Jane Austen, if so, what’s your favorite movie? what books have you read?

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