Saturday, August 16, 2014


well the detox sewing is done, I took a skirt I’d made a few years back & cut it down, now which look to pair up with my skirt to go out to dinner tonight




well the skirt looks great on the dress form, remember I cut it down…….


now I guess you wantta see it on me huh? lol,  ohhhhh this is scary , ok I’ve decided if I’ve cut it down too much I’ll turn it into a blouse lol!

whew! it fit!

now  which way to pair it for dinner & a movie which look do you think I went with?


can you guess now?


BEFORE…………AFTER 2 yrs later


detoxing my skirt, cutting it down has helped me see that  I am losing weight slowly but surely, still a ways to go but not where I use to be

I undid the wait band, & both sides , ironed  & folded each piece  (front/back)on the fold ,cut out a smaller pattern,see all the fabric to the side of the pattern, that’s how much I cut off, that’s how wide my skirt was & I filled it up lol! 


but look at me now!


now I’m excited & wantta cut something else up lol! there’s a Chevron skirt just crying to be detoxed! lol!


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

COngrats on the weight loss.. This skirt looks beautiful on you.. Great job.. Loved the before and after photos..
Love the different looks,changing the blouses.. Great skirt.
HAPPY detox sewing..

Dorothy DotDot said...

Congratulation on the weight loss and the new look of the skirt!

Sarah Liz said...

Nice to see you back sewing - you look lovely with your hair that colour, and slow and steady weight loss is the way to go. What a lot of pretty blouses.

Nanna said...

Thank you Sarah this is my natural color I stopped coloring it over a year ago I'm just now getting use to it but wouldn't go back to coloring it for nothing!