Thursday, September 4, 2014


what’s the biggest fabric store you’ve ever been in? when I started catching episodes of Project Runway, I thought, I need to find a big & I mean big! fabric store like they shop in for their projects , a few months back we were going out of town so I Googled for fabric shops, well , found one that said there was over 7000 bolts of fabric, I was so excited, after we got to where we were going, programed  the GPS, got there & bam! closed up !out of business !pooie! lol! so I’ve been searching  ever since LOL!

now here we are a few months later & I feel the need to Google big big fabric outlets lol!found one in Boaz Ala. awww this is just  two hours  from me, put my thinking cap on hummm, call a few friends, two weeks & five friends later, road trip!

you should be able to click the pictures to enlarge



you know anything red or polka dot is gonna catch my eye! I’m thinking I might look like those big red balls outside of Target's lol! but I had to have it lol!


then there’s the sweetest print, I’m going to make pillowcases for the Children's Cancer Hospital in Milwaukee WI


a few close ups




one amongst us had to be back home at a certain time so we didn’t get to euuuu  &  awww as much as we wanted to but I know how to get back there! can you help me on my quest of big fabric outlets? we venture out to Tenn .from time to even Georgia, I’ll be in Mississippi  next month for a ladies conference, I’m sure there’s  a fabric shop  way bigger than this out there somewhere & I aim to find it lol!

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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

OH how fun... I could have stayed in there all day..ha
LOVE the polka dot fabric..Both my and polka dot..