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have you noticed how many songs in the song books go unsung? This could be simply just because we’ve never heard them or perhaps do not know the melody, I often like to go through & find ones that even though we may not know how they go, they still have a good message behind them


If the spirit is knocking at the door of your heart,
Do not turn His plea away
If you heed not His wooing's,
He'll forever depart.
Then 'twill be too late to pray.
When on death's bed you're lying,
Still astray the fold,
It an awful day;
There will be no repenting at the portals of gold,
It will be too late to pray.
As you stand at the judgment,
There before the white throne,
On that great and final day;
When the life book is opened and
your deeds have been made known,
It will be too late to pray.
It will be too late to pray,
On that great and awful day,
If you're lost my friend,
When you face the end,
It will be too late to pray.

By Clyde Wright & Eugene Wright © 1932 Otis L. McCoy, owner

(source) Internet

Otis McCoy is one of the pioneering giants in Southern Gospel Music history who had an enduring impact on it as a singer, songwriter, instructor and music publisher.
McCoy had an innovative teaching style and tutored many of the industry's most well-known artists. He was certified to teach in musical theory, harmony, voice, brass instruments and composition. McCoy was also a "Sacred Harp" singer of great renown and was one of few people who could set "Shaped Note" type-setting by hand.
He sang lead for the Vaughan Radio and Vaughn Office/Saxophone Quartet. McCoy also founded the Homeland Harmony Quartet. He also initiated and managed the Tennessee Music and Printing Company, for the Church of God Publishing Company. This company was one of gospel music's leading producers of shaped-note singing instructional materials.
McCoy also wrote hundreds of gospel songs, most notably "Keep On The Firing Line" and "Heaven Bound Train."

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