Thursday, October 2, 2014



I feel like I’ve been around the world & back again lol! I’ve been at the Zoo again! this time with my other babies,Mattie said we had to take our pic with the zebras since I had on a zebra shirt why do they always turn their hinny's to you lol!

Take 8! Reece finally smiles lol




I had tons of sweet potatoes that needed tending to so I had  a sweet potatoes baking party with a few friends

Helen Chaffin's photo.

I made them each an Apron, I had the sweet potatoes  baked & ready,, I set up  a baking station in the kitchen, I set up  a little buffet,we watched Mom’s Night Out

Helen Chaffin's photo.

Helen Chaffin's photo.Helen Chaffin's photo.


there were three more pies but Kim shot out  with hers before I could get a picture lol! they each had their own work stations with measuring cups etc.


silly things wouldn’t use their hand towels, too pretty they said lol!


it was a great day of baking, movies, laughter, eating, more movies, more eating lol!

Did you see pillowcases  I made a  few days back for  the Children's Hospital? I really enjoy doing this  & will continue making them throughout the year as different company’s set out to meet a certain goal to send, I will be able to help several


today I’m cleaning, cutting grass, may get some sewing in, do a little more painting, I’ve decided on a color  for the sewing room & can’t wait to get on with it!


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Nana, what a fun time your having with the grands.. Nothing more fun..
I am so jealous of your sweet potato party.. They pretty aprons.. Wish I lived closed by.. Have fun...

Dorothy DotDot said...

Wow! You have so much fun.