Monday, December 15, 2014


pull out the bling bling! it’s time for the first Christmas party of the year!


then  it was off to pick up a friend & go see a great performance of Little Women



(images from FB)

then a friend invited me to go along with her to the Nursing home where she visits & sings , we must of visited over 30 rooms singing hymnals & Christmas songs, no pictures, maybe next time as she's invited me to go again , this week she will sing in the main activity room & do a concert for those who can leave their rooms

then  we were off  to a wedding! Hobby's cousin got married in the sweetest little Historical church  located in our state park


the reception  was down the road where there’s was lots of food & a beautiful tree set up with handmade ornaments she had made for her guest to take home for a reminder of that beautiful day10845915_4877765877577_8998942952870557529_n[1]10387606_4877765517568_1685492901455365899_n[1]

speaking of beautiful day, there is always beauty throughout the park everywhere you look



then to round out the weekend my niece performed in  the Children's Theater


I always look forward to seeing her perform as much as she looks for me to be there! lol !


Sunday the little ones at church had their Christmas play, it was the sweetest thing!

this week’s kinda slow yet there’s a lot going on, hummm may not be so slow lol! a friends helping me make  something very special for my sister for Christmas, it will take several days!, sing at the Nursing home, Dad’s birthday,

wellllll  I thought it was gonna be a slow week! lol!


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What fun you are having..
What a beautiful bride. Love her idea of giving the ornaments that she made..So special..

Michelle F said...

I would really love to go see a play and `Little Women` sounds like a good one. I guess I won't be going for a while though, hubby just isn't into plays.

This is a busy week for me, too.
This is my birthday week, plus we're going to some Christmas parties.

Merry Christmas!!