Thursday, December 4, 2014


      10613019_4847530681716_2620986721989814278_n[1] out of all  the things in my kitchen this little guy makes me smile the most,he is a reminder of a simpler time in life when families gathered at grandmothers house simply to celebrate animals being born the turkey that thought he was a dog & would chase you ,little yellow fuzzy ducks,learning how to milk a cow,sliding down hills on a piece of cardboard , a place where you knew you were loved &always welcomed with open arms, she didn't text when it was time for supper she hollered out the back door no watches to be back by, you just knew to be in by dark ,with all the wonderful technology available today a simple life seems impossible but when I stand at my sink & actually wash the dishes by hand or wear my apron, I am transported back to a simpler time of a lifetime of memories!


Michelle F said...

Oh, for the simpler days.
When all seemed right with the world.

The piggy made me smile, too.

Have a great weekend!

jenann said...

Sweet, smiling piggy! You remind me of the bottle-fed runt my aunt kept.
She lived for years, chasing in and out of the kitchen with the dogs, and was completely house trained. She refused the boar and never had a litter, prefering to see herself as a house pet, or maybe the daughter of the house?!

When she died, all the neighbours came to see her buried and there were many tears from we children.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

I love your piggy.. But most of all I love this post. I too, miss the simple days, when kids/grandkids came to visit...and no smart phones to keep them preoccupied.. Everyone giggled and talked the day away.. The simple life is leaving us very swiftly.ha