Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I am loving this color of green,  “pine needle” 10846465_4844491005726_8676099466375780348_n[1]

it’s such a soothing color & has made it’s way into the bathroom , the curtains are a country red Tule & shower curtain is black so hopefully the lamps will blend back in


while that dries  there’s plenty to do in the kitchen, like organize the cabinets & color coordinating my dishes, this is just 2 sets counting the black plates & blue glass plates a for extra’s, blue willow is on top of the blue glass , my sister just recently gave me the red cherry glasses & napkins, they fit right in ! now for the other cabinets, yes there’s more lol!


I absolutely love dishes, there is a cabinet all down the wall on the other side of the kitchen that holds all my serving bowls, platters, candy dishes etc. that coordinate with the dishes once  that’s done, the green will find it’s way into the kitchen, the cabinets are getting a  makeover as well, no not green! lol!

speaking of painting, I have this pink bowl & pitcher that’s I’ve had seems like forever but it’s home has been in the shed for many a year oh I still love it, the shape the size  but pink no longer works for me so I was thinking of painting it white, any ideas on what to use on it so’s to not look like it was just spray painted? I’d rather it live out its days in the shed as to ruin it



Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

I am loving green too.. I painted my bedroom green, and the comforter is reds/greens with a cream background.. my kitchen is mostly red..with touches of green..
Red is my favorite color and finds it's way all through my house.
[trends don't phase me... I do what I really love...which is red.ha]
I like dishes too.. Your cabinets are so neat and organized.. I am jealous.ha

Michelle F said...

I think the pink pitcher is adorable.

Merry Christmas!!