Thursday, March 5, 2015


LOL! you were expecting something  gloriously pretty? wellll I’d  say they’re the prettiest paper curtains I’ve ever seen baaahaaa!

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there’s windows all across the front of the house, with having revival this week, hubby working midnights  next week it’ll be a while before we can get by there & put up blinds so a friend helped me cut & make paper curtains lol!

two  young geese came up to investigate us


and there was a new kid in the yard, looking at me as to say I’m not going nowhere!

11043143_10200240161922304_3955098244429669008_n[1]  11021138_10200240162082308_308800079910118268_n[1]

later that evening my daughter ran out to the house to check something for me & there he was again with his what you lookin at attitude as to say yea there’s two of us , so?? lol!


many new adventures & memories are waiting for us!

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