Monday, March 9, 2015


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as I looked around the sewing room as to what to pack first, mercy there’s a lot lol! & to think of all the new I’m planning to add lol!I thought I’d better attack the fabric stash & go from there! a friend of mine who doesn’t care for polka  dots is always telling me that I don’t like polka dots that I just don’t know it lol! gotta love friends that make you laugh! we’ll just keep it between us that I went out & got not only one but two polka dotted pieces of fabric lol!


the peach is not showing its true color, perhaps after it’s made & shot outside in the sunshine it’ll be truer to it’s color, I can’t recall ever wearing anything peach but after all it is polka dots lol!the blue I’m leaning towards a sleeveless dress with a white blazer, the peach I’m leaning toward a  8 paneled  skirt & blouse

all was calm on the lake yesterday



while we had ran out to check on the house, we scouted out the neighborhood, great for walking!that is if we  don’t get too lazy sitting in the back yard just staring at the water & geese lol!

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