Monday, May 18, 2015




How many times do we say don't use those scissors!!!   there are fabric scissors & there are paper scissors, how do we remember the difference? find the snow man what does he remind you of? Humm Christmas? & what do we do cut at Christmas? hummm Paper!!!!! I thought of this little trick last year & bought the snowman scissors solely for cutting wrapping paper, he now stays in the sewing room for cutting patterns,what little tricks do you have to know which scissors are which? speaking of scissors, a friend of mine says she’s tired of looking for her scissors so she tied a pair to each cord of each  her machines, clever!

A sneak peek of some of what I’ve been doing





Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What adorable scissors... [I must buy some this coming Christmas].. and a great way to remember that they are paper scissors..
I have cheap dollar store scissors for cutting paper. They are colors like pink / green and my good scissors are I know not to use them..
You have been doing a lot of sewing.. so happy for you.
Have a blessed week. judy

Faye Lewis said...

Great idea for identifying the scissors.
What is your name on Pattern Review???