Saturday, May 16, 2015


OK  so the diets not taking it off as fast as I’d like, seriously doesn’t it know  I need 10lbs   gone  each week lol! anyways, at my grandsons birthday party I noticed how much smaller  I look behind a tree


almost like a before & after lol! all in all it’s a fun little dress from

Simplicity 4552 view A

Misses' & Plus Size Sportswear


of course I blamed it on the plaid but after looking at myself Mother’s day , wellll we can’t blame it on the plaid can we? lol!I shorten the length & there is room to tweak the sides making it look not so boxy, oh well another day another time lol!

11229555_10200448323166205_7271818167244979985_n[1]  11244924_10200448323566215_621567515837006912_n[1]

oh well it is what it is & it is a little fat right now  ha ha! it will come off again for the thousandth time in due season, meanwhile I’m finishing up all the photos  for the wardrobe collage, finished this up yesterday, I think I will wear it to my grandson’s pre school graduation today


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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Nana, had to laugh at your " wanting to loose 10 lbs a week" Me too!!! I told Hubby.. I sure wish it come off as fast as it comes I am trying to loose some now too.. SO SLOW!!!! EEEH.
Love your plaid dress. I think it looks really nice on you.. and the length looks good.. Looks pretty just like it is..
Happy sewing.. and best wishes on the diet.