Friday, June 12, 2015



one can definitely tell that Summer is here, just looking out the window makes you sweat loll! the grand's  are saying  hurry & move Nanna there’s lots to be done at the vacation house lol! I must  admit every time I take a load it does feel like vacation lol!

my son-n-law says he’s having fishing withdrawals lol! tomorrow the kids will come with trucks & trailers in  attempts to get us completely moved, I think they just wantta fish  lol!


in just a few weeks if all goes well we will be having open house for family & a few close friends , I’m already dreaming of the buffet spread lol! I love this idea of meats, crackers  cheese etc. using a large mirror as a tray, I can see that on square plates !


on a smaller scale this look would be good & I do have a long white platter , help! I love them both!


so if all goes well they’ll be  a whole lotta moving, decorating, fishing, eating, laughing, picture taking, memory making going on tomorrow

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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Best wishes with the move... Know you and family are going to love that beautiful place..
The cheese plate sounds wonderful..