Thursday, June 11, 2015





(L-R)my Aunt Kathleen , me , my Aunt Annibell, &   my sister Dot  way back in July of 2008 at my Nannas Treasures Christmas open house at my home, these 3 women have always played a major role in my life, I got my love for reading from Aunt kat who is now a top notch Author, my sweet Annibell who taught me to quilt "the old way" & instilled that love for baking as she rose every morning & baked a cake, always ready to swing the door open & say welcome! & sister who is my best friend, has been my rock during many storms & hard times in my life, she instilled in me to never give up on what God has promised as we sit over a glass of tea countless hours & reminisce over years of raising kids, miracles we've seen in our family & dreams of what God has in store for our futures

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