Tuesday, June 9, 2015



being at my daughters yesterday I decided to take my quilt to work on, nothing doing but the girls wanting to help, of course I forgot my huge hoop lol! so off to WalMart for some hoops!

needles threaded, blocks hoped, lets get started on how this works!


Maegan sometimes is a perfectionist lol! she was constantly checking her stitches & only wanted me to take them out so she could start over about 3 times lol! but she did actually get the hang of sewing across where as Madison preferred the up & down method


I actually had my hoop going too but selfies at this point was hard lol!


we ended the day with cookies & root beer floats but oh what a  funny conversation we had on that!

Mattie: nanna can we make cookies & beer?
Nanna: what? explain that lol
Mattie: you know when we pour the beer over the ice cream & it makes foam
Nanna; oh you mean root beer floats...
Mattie: yes! Cookies & beer l
Nanna; they
keep.me laughing !



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