Friday, August 7, 2015


I love how the clouds reflected off the lake as the sun began to set , each day is amazingly beautiful in its own unique way be sure to click the pictures to enjoy the full benefit of the beauty







then there’s strawberry shortcake Trifle, my youngest daughter had scraps from leveling  the tops of cake layers “she makes cakes” so I told her lets make a trifle dessert! so with cake scraps, cool whip, cream cheese & strawberries we have a fantastic dessert! Meagan & madison gave it a thumbs up!

11800092_10200783214818287_8350099044081240815_n[1]  11825988_10200783215298299_5570732842344012772_n[1]


so the next time you’re leveling up a cake, don’t throw away the cake you have to cut off, turn it into a yummy trifle, she also had an order for a chocolate cake, those cake scraps are in my freezer waiting to be turned into  a death by chocolate  trifle or perhaps black forest, Miss. mud  awww the wheels are turning! lol!

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Michelle F said...

I especially like the second picture.
The trifle looks awesome.