Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Good morning, it's been a wild & crazy week over here at Nanna's but in a good fun way for we know no other way with getting ready for our 1st big show of the year, I'm just now catching up to last weeks tempt my tummy /pink Sat /show-n-tell / whew!

Thanks to all my wonderful blogging friends who've came by all week & I will get around to visiting you all ASAP! Be sure to come back by & see what recipe selection we have for you, like that old saying I know it's a day late & a dollar short lol but you'll be glad you did, it is an old family recipe from hubbys grandmother, the wonderful thing about it is that it makes two , so that you have one for sharing but trust me that "sharing" part will come much later LOL

Have a wonderful blessed day!


Karen said...

Helen I know how it is not being able to read everyone's Blogs...I have so many that I miss daily but one of these days I'm going to dedicate it to reading Blogs....wonder when that will happen...lol

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Helen! I just love the cute kittys in the sinks! Have a great week!