Monday, July 12, 2010


DAY ONE.............Gen.1:1- Gen.16:16
DAY TWO...........Gen.17:1-Gen.28:19
DAY THREE........Gen.28:20-Gen.40:11
DAY FOUR.........Gen.40:12-Gen50:26
DAY FIVE...........EX.1:1-EX15:18
DAY SIX..............EX15:19-EX28:29
DAY SEVEN........EX29:1-EX40:38

This has been week one of the 90 day Bible challenge, for those who are on this journey I hope that it has been a good & joyful one, did you find things that you didn't understand , did you find things that made you smile, uplifted you, made you laugh, inspired you, encouraged you?

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The word Genesis means origin, source, birth, it is a book of beginnings, it records the origin of the universe,humankind,& the presence of sin in the world

The book of Exodus means "the going out" this title is given because this book describes the exit and emancipation of he Israelites from the land of Egypt

The last several months we have been going through the Bible on Wed. nights at our church so doing this challenge is a like a great refresher course for me, which is making it an enjoyable study

upon doing this challenge you may feel you don't have anything to say in the comment department, but there may just be a little something that you share will make someone smile, feel uplifted even laugh, for example Sun. night the pastor reads from Gen. 19, I lean over to the young mother beside me who faces many challenges this world has to offer & whisper...see it's in the bible, you're supposed to wash your feet before you go to bed LOL whatever was laying heavy on her heart that night that one simple thing seemed to lightened the load as she smiled with a soft laugh

my mind also goes back to my grandparents, back in the days there was no running water, you pumped it out of a pump or drew out of a well with a bucket, so taking a bath every night was not a luxury as it is for us today but it was important to wash your feet at the end of the day before you went to bed


Missie said...

i like the washing you feet, it is washing the day off and starting fresh!

~Amy~ said...

May God bless you as you continue on this journey through His Word.