Friday, August 27, 2010


Summer is great, there's vacations, baseball, gardens, flowers, watermelons, favorite swimming holes, bar-b- Q yes Summer is good even with the 110 degree's days LOL but you can feel Fall in the air, the mornings are cooler but they don't last long lol but Fall is coming & if you don't believe me just run out to the nearest Hobby Lobby! Fall is everywhere LOL but don't turn the corner, you'll be confused & think it's Christmas! LOL LOL, have you noticed that the even the apples taste better now& have the sweetest smell, ummm apples baking, apple cider. & Carmel apples
my oldest grand daughters are too old to go on the field trips now, ohh the sweet memories of going to the Pumpkin patch now it's beauty pageants & plays etc, but in a few years the twins will be in school , hopefully we wont be too old to go on field trips then LOL LOL, do you squeal with delight when you see that first leaf start to turn , if it doesn't happen fast enough for you & you're close enough you can go to Tenn, it is gorgeous in Oct.
there's something about Fall that makes us buy mums LOL they are dark & rich in color & a true sign Fall is here

soon we will aww at all the wonder & beauty of Fall, then it happens! the leaves begin to fall & the next question is who's gonna rake those leaves up? LOL LOL, kids are the best for this job, they somehow turn it into a game & is mere joy & if you'll think back to your childhood you'll recall why, remember when you were little & had to rake leaves, lol It ment who could build the highest mound to di- bomb into LOL, then we'd hear "the longer you play the longer it's gona take you" but we didn't care , we were having fun!

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