Friday, April 15, 2011



as you can see my purple Iris bed has been invade by the yellow Iris's, behind the tree in the corner of the fence is a rounded bed full of yellow, where these have somehow tiptoed their way over to the purple bed, the picture s is a bit blurred, ''sorry" but it's raining AGAIN! lol rain is good, I have nothing against rain loveeeee to hear it rain but when the grass needs cutting & making flowers behave & stay in their own beds wellll you get the picture LOL so since I can't play outside today I guess I'll play inside, do you ever get in the mood to strip a room down to the bare walls & start all over getting it organized? well I have entered into that zone & hubby will be the first to tell you he's so glad he gets to go to work LOL tweaking the house will be posted on my raggedys N prims blog hummm what to get into first uhhh ohhh The Walton's are coming on...I luv that show lol focus Helen! focus! LOL LOL

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Shelia said...

Hi. Well, that little yellow stinker! Don't you wonder how this happens? But your flowers are pretty! It's been very dry here in Texas and I wish you could send us some rain!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)