Friday, September 16, 2011


There are times  blogger gives me fits, but you never have this problem, right? LOL it amazes me how when I go to change something the  button or the wrench thingy isn’t there to change backgrounds but  sister (Picket) can go into my blog account & waa laa there it is soooo I call & say hey get on line & change my backgrounds  & waa laa lol , I’m investigating how to get tabs across the top & actually have info when you click it lol, can anybody tell me how to make it go to an older post, say like if I put a recipe tab & want to pull up past recipes, or do I have to do all new stuff, with three to play with there’s plenty to keep me busy when hubby is outta town  like figure out what my font keeps changing in mid stream lol, oh well I leave you with this, I came across this recipe  the other day & I think we’re going to give it a try


1 cup apple cider

1/2 cup ginger ale

1-2 scoops van. ice cream (or seasonal like apple pie etc)

ground nutmeg & cinnamon for sprinkling

1-2 Carmel sauce

pour apple cider & ginger ale into cup

add van. ice cream

sprinkle on nutmeg & cinnamon to taste

drizzle Carmel sauce on top

serve immediately with a spoon & straw

Be sure to go to the site & get all the step by  step visuals on this delicious looking treat

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