Wednesday, September 21, 2011


scare05     I’d say way too much! LOL LOL getting hubby ready to go outta town this coming weekend, I’ll be home alone all week next week so watch out! LOL

In the meantime, I’m getting the house tweaked, don’t wantta spend my week cleaning, mercy me! I’ve threaten to put Christmas up LOL

As you can see I”m experimenting with tabs under my header, still more to learn there as well as changing up the side bars on all 3 blogs

I still owe you wedding pictures & ladies conference pictures lol

I’m working on more UFO sewing projects,speaking of projects there’s another “it’s not what it appears” project I’ll be posting on my raggedys blog

grape there’ll be lots of jelly making going on, we’ve been so busy  that all the peaches we picked, wild blackberries we picked had to go in the freezer & our grapes came in this year & in the freezer they went too ~lol~ I may call some friends over & have a jelly making party speaking of friend’s my friend Sue called & said her pears are ready, oh mercy me!

oh yea , almost forgot, I’m having hubby  help empty out the sewing room before he leaves”bless his heart” ~lol~ during that week it will transformed into a new & improved sewing room which will be posted on my raggedy’s blog

so come by often  cause there’s a whole lotta something happening  here at Nanna’s ~lol~


Edie Marie's Attic said...

You've been a busy gal! Sounds like you're going non-stop these days!! Send some homemade jelly over my way if you have too much for your cupboard...

Hugs, sherry

Michelle said...

A jelly making party. How fun!
I love homemade jelly.