Wednesday, May 8, 2013



yea for sales! yea for coupons you can use on sales! lol!I got my denim to make my jacket, can you see how it’s going to take shape? the pattern calls for the strip down the sides/ bottom/cuffs to be patch worked  pieced but I’m going to figure how how long & how wide & cut the printed fabric accordingly

I hope it goes better than my first project, remember my animal print tee, seeeeee how low it was


even after taking it up a whole size, which made me feel good yea lol! anyways it still drooped way way down but I love this with my black pants/jacket so with the help  of you tube, pinterest, on line tutorials I’ve come up with how to make the neck line higher on my pattern, there’s no hope for this blouse


so yes I will go back to Hobby Lobby & get that print again & save it for when I get it figured out, in the meantime I’m raiding hubbys closet lol! did you know you can make a gown out of hubby’s old T-shirts

pinterest image 


I’ve got my eye on a few of his shirts & jeans as well lol!

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Sew Blessed Maw said...

THis is going to be so pretty.. Can't wait to see it.. Happy sewing.