Monday, May 13, 2013


have you ever pinned something off pinterest only to find there’s something wrong with the layout or the recipe in this case lol! I knew the spices cinnamon etc seemed like a lot but nooo I had to go by the recipe, ok so I don’t like to add salt to anything I make sweet but noo I have to listen to people that tell me salt enhances the flavor , you should add it,lol! sooo what did it all get me? muffins01

don’t be fooled, they are not chocolate lol!believe it or not they are apple! they turned dark perhaps from wrong amount of cinnamon etc.? & the salt oh boy did it ever enhance the flavor SALT!! YUCK! so I have  a bright idea to add more sugar to the remaining batter & it did not like that at all, what a mess!


so in the garbage they go, turn the oven off, let it cool down, pull out the long rubber gloves & oven cleaner


an hour later scrub scrub scrub, this lead to cleaning the outer edge as well as the glass as long I was intoxicating myself might as well go all the way lol!


another hour later, aww all clean & shinny do I dare try again? first foil is put down just in case! ingredients are pulled out again except the soda & the salt lol! & I used only  half  of the spices, oh yea! looking good!



some are missing , you see there had to be taste test lol! what was meant to be muffins for breakfast turned out to be an all day ordeal, with the tweaking of the ingredients they turned out wonderful, a hint of cinnamon, carrots, apples, raisins makes for an umm umm good muffins!

by this time it was getting over into supper time, I had made Italian meatballs the other day, another pinterest recipe lol! the muffin disaster took all day & there was a gal bag full of these meatballs in the freezer, hummm do I??? what do you think? a keeper?


they were delicious, almost like eating at Olive Garden lol!so  I started out at 8am with the muffins, after cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the oven, dragging everything back out, baking again, cleaning everything again, then supper , then clean up supper, mercy I cleaned that kitchen three times lol! who knew making muffins could beat you down lol!


Sew Blessed Maw said...

SO funny... sounds like my kind of days..
The second set of muffins look so yummy as does the meat balls.. Proud you had them already made up.. Because I bet you were tired after all that cleaning [cleaning the oven.. Worse job in the house.ha
Have a great day.

Natalea Scott said...

You are so hilarious! I love baking but it is always so much work. Your last batch seems like it was worth it. You should post the ADJUSTED recipe here so that we can use it. That'll save us the extra time in clean up:). Hey, we can say you took one for the team. Lol