Tuesday, May 14, 2013


That's what I hear my brain telling my mind lol!, Hancock's still has  a great sale going on & I’ve got Maxi skirts on the brain, how hard can it be right? sew up the back, make a waist, hem it & waa laa only my waa laa’s haven’t been working too good lately lol!

these four prints were on the clearance table, who can pass up making a skirt less than three dollars lol!



the chevron was in the regular section, a little pricy but on sale for 40% off making it $7 a yard, I have a two jackets, & a brown tee as well as a teal tee that would work with this print as well as a necklace lol! I want, mind you “I want” to make it for this coming up Sunday as it will be a special occasion


my daughter will be coming to our church as a guest speaker, can you guess on what?


here they are showing him their picture that they sent544578_4237489710625_1338113016_n[1]


they are just weeks away from getting plane tickets & bringing that sweet little boy into our lives, they will have to stay in China for two weeks then we will take the girls to meet them at the airport, God is good!


Natalea Scott said...

Helen, I have the same fabric that's on your second picture on the right. I love shopping at Hancock's fashion fabric section to get those great deals. You have been stockpiling pretty high haven't you? I have so many plans but just don't have the time to sew. You'll get around to it soon enough!

Happy sewing and all of the other fun things you do! You are awesome!

Sew Blessed Maw said...

God is good!!! Congratulations on your new grandchild.. How wonderful.
OH Hancocks... [it is their fault that my sewing room , looks like a fabric store, hahahaha].. I love the sales, I can't resist..
What beautiful fabrics you have found..
I have the blue and white one too.. I found it on clearance too.
Happy sewing.